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What is $KIND token ?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have become modern solutions to several of the finance and technology sectors’ problems, significantly increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring decentralized and secure transactions. Leveraging this opportunity, we introduce our $KIND token for Happy Kind. This innovation mirrors KidZania’s kidZos, aiming to include everyone, from kids to adults, in a fun, rewarding system of earning and using tokens for personal joy and fulfillment.

$KIND is an MRC-20 token based on the Polygon blockchain. The Polygon chain was chosen for its high security & availability and low gas fees, traits that are favored by established multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Reddit. 

How do you earn $KIND token ?

Earning $KIND token is a seamless process with our affiliated Happy Kind businesses – KITA Singapore, KITA Sleep Studio, Happy Kind Kiddo Singapore, and Happy Kind Kiddo Malaysia. Follow these easy instructions:

  1. Make your purchases from any of our affiliated businesses.
  2. On the checkout page, look for the field to enter your web3 wallet address.
  3. Complete your order.
  4. As soon as your order is fulfilled, we will promptly deposit $KIND tokens to your web3 wallet.

What can you do with $KIND token ?

We want to create a unique reward system for our dedicated patrons while also engaging them in the intriguing world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Hence it’s crucial to highlight our future plans for a periodic redemption party where $KIND token holders can redeem their tokens as shopping credits or exchange them for physical goods within the Happy Kind affiliated businesses. This exciting event will be announced and organized when our growth reaches a sustainable level. Stay tuned for this grand celebration as we continue to expand and grow!

Can you trade $KIND token ?

Yes, you can. However trading comes with a warning and bear in mind that trading $KIND is experimental and experiential. As $KIND is listed on the Uniswap DEX, trading it might incur losses, and customers must understand and accept that they trade at their own risk. Happy Kind cannot be held liable for any trading losses incurred.

Don't have a web3 wallet ?

Don't see $KIND in your wallet ?

  1. Make sure your web3 wallet is connected to Polygon Mainnet.
  2. Click Import tokens.
  3. Key in 0xfeba0fa306eaa130ae60fddf41f7a7e4d2ee7630 under Token contract address field.
  4. The Token symbol and Token decimal will be auto-populated.
  5. Click Next and you will see $KIND token in your wallet.


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