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The idea of Happy Kind was conceived when the founder, Joey bought a painting for her son, with a caption saying “fill the world with kindness”. In this modern world, kindness has taken a backseat to self-interest in fueling happiness. When we started off our business venture, we firmly believe that Happiness and Kindness should go hand in hand in making the world a better place. So who we are? We run two businesses namely Happy Kind Kiddo (the baby store) and KITA (the sleep studio). We sell to make a living. Just that, we make a difference by Doing Good.


Sharing what we know and learning what we have yet to know. Life is a process to engage in. We engage our customers by creating and sharing bite-size content on our social media channels.

Kindness makes you happy and happiness makes you kind. We giveback to the community by contributing 1% of our sales.

In open and transparency we trust. We store our contribution in a blockchain wallet that is accessible by everyone. We also launch $KIND, a community reward token on Polygon chain.

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